Rare Disease Diagnostics

By intertwining ancient genetic lineages with cutting-edge technology, we're redefining the landscape of precision medicine and charting the course for groundbreaking treatments.
Rare diseases, individually uncommon but collectively significant, impact over 30 million Americans. These conditions present a diagnostic labyrinth, with half of those affected embarking on years-long odysseys without ever reaching a definitive diagnosis.
Traditional genetic studies, while monumental for precision medicine, remain constrained by their reliance on vast sequencing studies and biases towards data from specific ethnic groups. This approach necessitates massive sample sizes, leaving rare diseases often overshadowed and many patients undiagnosed.

CodeXome: Bridging Evolutionary Science with Modern Genomics

Enter CodeXome — our answer to these challenges. Rather than solely comparing human sequences, we tap into the rich tapestry of life's evolutionary history. Our platform delves into evolutionary genetics, drawing correlations between conserved genetic sequences across a multitude of species and the variants present in human DNA.
The cornerstone of CodeXome is our robust database, echoing millennia of evolutionary history. Aggregating data from diverse organisms, we've crafted a dataset unshackled from human population biases, offering a truly inclusive genetic perspective.
With just one patient's sequence, CodeXome discerns between benign and pathogenic variants, identifies involved genes, and illuminates relevant biological pathways. This unique approach provides invaluable insights, enabling researchers to target unknown variants and devise precise therapeutic strategies.

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Harnessing evolutionary genetics to decode genes in rare and intricate disorders.

Accurately classifying genetic variants within an expansive evolutionary framework.

Reducing the uncertainties of variants of unknown significance.

Guaranteeing inclusivity, transcending conventional ethnic or racial limitations.

Predicting protein functionalities, catalyzing targeted drug discovery.

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