Every gene has a story.

Before CodeXome, most were mysteries. Dive into DNA's intricate tales and explore 80 million years of evolution in mere seconds.

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Guided by the past, advancing genetic discovery for the future.

CodeXome is a pioneering cloud platform that enables researchers to rapidly analyze genetic data and uncover novel insights. By examining DNA variants through an evolutionary lens, CodeXome allows you to go beyond static analysis to reveal key diagnostic markers.

Accelerate your research with CodeXome

Revolutionize how you analyze genetic data. Pinpoint diagnostic markers faster with our evolutionary approach.

In-depth gene analysis

Beyond mere human mutations, CodeXome delves into each gene's evolutionary trajectory, offering insights into its origins, functions, and significance.

High-resolution data

With CodeXome, you can visualize exon-level details and gain insights from the molecular to the chromosomal scale, ensuring precision in every analysis.

Broad primate genome spectrum

Access to 55 primate genera. From lemurs to great apes, our database provides a comprehensive evolutionary perspective.

Intuitive interface

Streamline your research process with our user-friendly platform, making complex genomic data accessible and understandable.

Support comes from the National Science Foundation

We are honored to be acknowledged by the National Science Foundation for our transformative approach, receiving both Phase I and Phase II awards.

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Unraveling genomic mysteries with evolutionary intelligence

The journey through genomics is complex and multifaceted, requiring a nuanced understanding that spans across time and species. CodeXome emerges as a key in this journey, offering a unique perspective by merging evolutionary history with contemporary genomic data. This integration goes beyond tracing genetic lineage; it's about harnessing the power of evolutionary information to enlighten and advance various research fields. CodeXome provides a distinctive lens for interpreting the genomic world.
The application of CodeXome extends across the diverse landscape of genomics. It stands as a crucial resource in biomedical research, shedding light on the genetic complexities underlying diseases. But its relevance doesn't end there. This platform represents more than technological progression; it embodies a comprehensive approach to genomic research. By recognizing and employing the influences of evolutionary history, CodeXome plays a pivotal role in shaping genomic understanding and innovation.
Rare Disease

Revolutionizing Detection with Evolutionary Insight

Empower your rare disease research with CodeXome's unique approach, blending deep evolutionary data with cutting-edge genomic technology.
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Protein Timelines Unlocked

Unravel the Mysteries of Protein Changes Across Millennia

Unlock the secrets of protein evolution across 55 primate genera with cutting-edge long-read sequencing.
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Pioneering Genomic Analysis at Your Fingertips

Leverage CodeXome's powerful cloud platform for sophisticated, data-driven gene research and hypothesis testing without the lab.
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Decoding genetic mysteries with evolutionary intelligence

Decoding Genetic Mysteries with Evolutionary Intelligence

Unravel the complexities of genetic variants using CodeXome's evolutionary insights and advanced genomic analysis.
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