Finding answers to disease can’t wait.

Digital tools that dramatically accelerate research in human and wildlife biology.

The volume of genetic data is piling up.
So is the friction.

In early 2023, Cornerstone Genomics Inc. will launch CodeXome®, our cloud platform that combines evolutionary and comparative genomic principles empowering users to identify diagnostic markers in biology and disease.

Innovative science, informed by nature.

Cornerstone Genomics is developing CodeXome ®: a cloud-platform with novel datasets and toolkits to enhance the discovery of answers for biomedicine and wildlife conservation researchers.


Complete your variant discovery pipeline in a secure and scalable platform. Cloud-based architecture makes collaborative research easy.


Proprietary tools facilitate a precise and refined list of biologically meaningful targets. Map how genes change while retaining function.


Breakthrough technology cuts through dense, noisy data quickly to let you complete genome analysis in record time.


With curated results in a functional context, we resolve the best targets to pursue in your research pipeline.

Early support comes from the National Science Foundation.
Seeing the potential of Cornerstone Genomic’s unique solution to biomedical and wildlife conservation research, NSF awarded the company Phase I and Phase II grants.