Finding answers to disease can’t wait.

Digital tools that dramatically accelerate research in human and wildlife biology.

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Genetic data is piling up. But are we making good use of it?

In the few decades since DNA sequencing started, oceans of data about human and animal genes has been generated at faster and faster speeds.  

Although scientists can now sequence a complex human genome in a day, the methods used to analyze the data are still excruciatingly slow. Solutions and cures are delayed as researchers tediously mine through enormous amounts of genetic data.  

Cornerstone Genomics helps researchers quickly and precisely cut through dense, noisy data using unique, digital analytical software.


Innovative science, informed by nature.

Cornerstone Genomics is developing novel datasets and toolkits to enhance the discovery of answers for biomedicine and wildlife conservation researchers.


Complete your variant discovery pipeline in one secure and scalable platform. Since it is cloud-based, even collaborative research is easier.


Proprietary tools facilitate a precise and refined list of biologically meaningful targets. Map how genes change while retaining function.


Breakthrough technology cuts through dense, noisy data quickly to let you complete genome analysis in record time.


With a curated set of results at your fingertips, you can get to work on finding the answers to genomics questions.

As researchers, we know that bleary-eyed people don’t make many discoveries.

That’s why a “Ureka! Moment“ inspired our CEO to leave the National Cancer Institute-National Institutes of Health after 20 years of genomic research to build an entirely unique analysis tool.

Our Team

We are building revolutionary digital tools for biomedical researchers and conservation biologists.

Jill Pecon-Slattery

CEO and Founder

Jill is a dedicated scientist, enthusiastic educator, and passionate start-up entrepreneur. She is leading the company through a pair of Phase I and II National Science Foundation SBIR awards.

Devon O’Rourke


Devon has experience in wet-bench and bioinformatics projects, coupled with years serving as a science educator. He ensures that our products deliver comprehensive results in a straightforward application.

Greg Naimoli

Full Stack Developer

Greg serves as the lead developer and ensures the delivery of quality information to our clients.

Early support comes from the National Science Foundation.

Seeing the potential of Cornerstone Genomic’s unique solution to biomedical and wildlife conservation research, NSF awarded the company Phase I and Phase II grants.

In early 2023, Cornerstone Genomics will launch the digital tools that dramatically accelerate wildlife and human biology research, because finding answers to disease can’t wait.

The product innovates discovery in the genomic underpinnings of biological function with multiple applications in systems biology, comparative and functional genomics, and phylogenomics.


We’re accepting inquiries about career and partnership opportunities.