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Explore millions of years of gene evolution with unparalleled precision.
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Benefits of Evolutionary Context

DNA variants don't exist in isolation. CodeXome enables researchers to examine them against an 80-million-year evolutionary backdrop, leveraging our proprietary database with the most accurate comparative gene dataset available.

Instant Evolutionary Insights

Instantly access any gene's evolutionary history informed by mankind’s exotic relatives of the primate order.

Visualize Evolutionary Histories

Beyond variant analysis, CodeXome provides multi-layered visualizations showcasing evolutionary histories.

Filter Noise & Discover Meaningful Variants

Pinpoint meaningful variants by filtering out noise. Capture each gene's natural, functional limits.

Comparative Genomics

Draw from in-depth data of 55 primate genera, enhancing research depth and breadth.

Revolutionary Genomic Research Platform

CodeXome fuses genomic science with cutting-edge technology

Deep Insights

Understand genetic variation relationships between humans and primates.

Streamlined Process

Transform tasks that would take months, or even years, into rapid, precise analyses.

Reliable Data

Our robust sample collections and expert research ensure data integrity.

Primate comparative analysis

Identify variations leveraging our unparalleled cross-genera database.


Our proprietary approach combines evolutionary and conservation metrics for comprehensive perspectives.

Rapid filtering

Differentiate variants of interest in minutes, no more sifting through volumes of data.

Data integrity

With less than 5% missing data and human-centric design, our platform offers unparalleled accuracy.

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