Shaping the future of genomic discovery.

Where evolutionary insight meets technological breakthrough.
Our Vision

To lead the global genomic frontier, unraveling genetic mysteries by uniting evolutionary history with cutting-edge technology.

Our Mission

Accelerate genetic discoveries with tools that make sense of genetic data, empowering researchers to combat diseases faster than ever before.

Our Values

  • Innovation through Nature

    By unlocking evolution's hidden insights, we pioneer approaches in genomic research, transforming mysteries into milestones.

  • Relentless Integrity & Precision

    Our dedication to precise, accurate results is the bedrock of our operations, cultivating confidence and reliability in every endeavor.

  • Collaboration & Community

    We forge strong alliances, uniting diverse minds from all corners of the scientific world for collective breakthroughs.

  • Empowerment & Inclusion

    By valuing diversity and inclusivity, we're cultivating a research environment where every voice can thrive and contribute.

Our History

A Vision Forged Through Decades of Genomic Research

Cornerstone Genomics is the fruition of over two decades of dedicated genomic research and collaboration. It’s a beacon in the scientific community, born from the collective efforts of passionate researchers and the shared vision of revolutionizing our understanding of genetics. The creation of CodeXome marks a significant leap forward, offering unprecedented insights into genetic variations through the vast expanse of evolutionary history.

  • 1

    Inception and Early Developments

    The journey began with Dr. Jill Pecon Slattery at the National Cancer Institute, where her innovative spirit thrived. Engaging in avant-garde projects, she utilized genomic sequencing to explore the intricate links between human diseases and the genetics of wildlife species.

  • 2

    Global Collaboration and Biosample Collection

    Jill's insight into the untapped reservoir of information within primate DNA led her to collaborate with international researchers. This global initiative resulted in an invaluable repository of biological samples from some of the most endangered and rare species on the planet.

  • 3

    The Birth of CodeXome

    Extensive and unparalleled research laid the foundation for the creation of CodeXome. This ambitious project was designed with a singular vision: to hasten scientific discoveries by providing a contextual framework for genetic variations, referencing an evolutionary timeline spanning 80 million years.