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Join the team that is helping researchers quickly and precisely sift through dense, noisy data using unique analytical software.

Remote Work Options

Huge Growth Potential
Challenging Environment

Cornerstone Genomics Critical Actions

Everyone in our organization commits to taking these actions every day in order to complete our mission.

This is our way of life, and it helps us feel purposeful, united and moving toward our goals.

Everyday, be willing to fail forward.

  • Embrace an iterative design, test,
    and feedback process.
  • Courageously explain and discuss the issues and challenges you are dealing with.
  • Persist. When there are stumbles, count on your team to help.

Make the innovation irresistible to Users.

  • Be aware of the use cases. What features are required to create the most value?
  • Champion the UX/UI as vigorously as the main functionality.
  • Don’t fall so in love with our own ideas that we fail to vet it with potential users.

Be easy to understand.

  • This is a cross-platform team of experts – we all know big words.
  • Don’t let jargon get in the way of being clear, in writing or in conversation.

About the team

By the end of 2023, Cornerstone Genomics will launch
the digital tools that dramatically accelerate
wildlife and human biology research,
because finding answers to disease can’t wait.

Our team members are curious and eager to learn, audaciously inventive, purposeful in daily activities and decisions, receptive listeners and candid communicators, and devoted to creating an exceptional user experience.

Full Stack Developer

We are seeking a full stack developer who shares our passion for creating powerful tools that are simple to use.

You are someone who brings a critical and detail-oriented eye to ensuring the security and integrity of the systems, and proactively communicates these problems and possible solutions to the team each day.

You are excited to be instrumental in an iterative process of learning, doing, reviewing, and improving.

Core objective

As the lead developer, you will leverage your expertise across the technology stack to create powerful and intuitive scientific tools backed by secure and scalable cloud services.

What you will do

Lead projects across the stack: build front-end web apps, implement APIs, design scalable cloud compute processes, and everything in between, based upon specifications agreed between you and the team.
Work collaboratively within the team to define the problem, discuss and debate design decisions, and get the right solution.
Act as the key builder of foundational cultural and practices in how our software gets built: document designs, test and launch code, and communicate these efforts within the company.

Qualifications for Full Stack Developer


Ability to learn and communicate across knowledge domains.

2+ years work experience with degree in computer science, or 6+ years experience without degree.
Demonstrated competency with developing, deploying, managing, monitoring, and automating infrastructure-as-code cloud solutions.
Ability to write high quality code through version control, documentation, and testing.
A collaborative yet pioneering spirit, able to launch into challenges on your own, while remaining open and eager to debate design decisions among the team to deliver the best commercial products.

What We Offer


Ability to learn and communicate across knowledge domains. We offer the opportunity to join our leadership team to make a lasting impact on human health and wildlife conservation. The full-time salaried position is federally funded through an SBIR Phase II award from the National Science Foundation.


As the position requires your innovation working with our subaward partners and commitment to both short-term and long-term growth of the company, we offer a stake in team building and management.

Benefits include full health care; options for remote working; technological and computational resources, including potential access to a supercomputing center through company partnerships; and future equity opportunities.

Additional information

Minimal travel is required.
This position may require a background check.

Application process for Full Stack Developer.


Submit your resume with:

  • Cover Letter. Tell us what excites you about this opportunity and how your previous training make you well-fitted for this position.
  • Examples. Show and tell about two or more programming projects you’ve worked on. How did you approach the solution?


Eligible candidates will be invited to a virtual interview. Finalists will be asked to complete a skills test.


We’ll work to get you up and running quickly, because finding answers to disease can’t wait.

Full-Stack Developer Job

Thank you for your interest in the full stack developer position at Cornerstone Genomics. Please complete the following information below and upload your resume.