Cornerstone Genomics welcomes new COO

Feb 1, 2021

Devon O’Rourke marries strong academic research background with purposeful action for new leadership role.

We are thrilled to have Devon O’Rourke, Ph.D. join Cornerstone Genomics to serve as Chief Operations Officer.  His expertise in genome bioinformatics combined with exceptional communication, leadership, and organizational skills are true assets for company growth and success.

With a range of wet-bench and bioinformatic skills accrued through post-doctoral and graduate projects, he ensures that complex computational tasks are rooted in a meaningful biological context.His research spanned a range of genomics disciplines:

  • population genetics using whole-exome sequencing;
  • vertebrate genome assembly using long and linked-read technologies (Nanopore, HiC, 10x);
  • mammalian genome and transcriptome annotations;
  • diet ecology using amplicon metabarcoding

Read more about Devon on LinkedIn.